A Message for Business Owners...

Are you seriously interested in selling your company?

simply curious about the process?

In either case, I can relate to you because I’ve been there. And perhaps we need to talk!

I am
NOT a Business Broker. Rather, I primarily function as a “matchmaker” by assisting you with the selection of appropriate, qualified, professionals to serve as advocates in the sale of your firm.

As a Business Transaction Consultant, I work with colleagues to help you prepare and groom your company prior to offering it for sale or merger -- then guide you through the entire process.

For now, let's have a friendly, informal,
confidential, discussion about your individual situation. I’ll answer any questions you may have about the selling process. Then, you can decide if you wish to move forward.

Just call me. Desk: 330-923-8931


Eric R. Voth • ERV Productions
1511 East Market Street • Akron OH 44305
Desk: 330-923-8931 • Cell: 330-703-7167 • Email: Eric@ERVProductions.com