ERIC R. VOTH is a serial entrepreneur... a private investor, producer,
consultant, author, and publisher.

Private Investor
During the course of his career, Eric has personally undertaken…
• The start-up of 10 independent businesses.
• The purchase of five independent businesses.
• The sale of five independent companies (two of which were actually mergers).
• The start-up of four franchisee operations.
• The loss of investment in four independent ventures that were unsuccessful.

As a producer, Eric creates concepts for television shows and pitches them for consideration to cable and broadcast networks.

“I work as a Business Transaction Consultant, but I'm not a Business Broker,“ says Eric. “Rather, I primarily function as a 'matchmaker' by assisting business owners with the selection of appropriate, qualified, professionals to serve as advocates in the sale of their firms.”

He became involved in the business transaction field after merging his own company in 1994. Eric is former Board Chairman of Akron, Ohio, based Physicians & Surgeons (P&S) Ambulance Service. He and his business partner bought the business in 1972, with no money down. In 1994, during an industry-wide consolidation -- in a pooling of interest transaction -- they merged their company with American Medical Response Inc. (EMT), the first ambulance service to be publicly-traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

From 1981 through 1992, while chairman of his own firm, Eric was also a professional speaker. He specialized in presenting topics on small business management -- mostly to company owners -- at conventions, conferences and meetings throughout the United States, sponsored by trade and professional associations.

Eric and his business partner, Ron Myers, co-authored a book entitled
THE NEW OWNER: MAKING THE TRANSITION FROM EMPLOYEE TO EMPLOYER, released by publisher Business One Irwin in March, 1993. The book is designed to serve as an instruction manual and is targeted toward two audiences. The first is current business owners who want a blueprint by which to more effectively manage their companies. The second audience is employees of small businesses who aspire someday to become company owners.

He is author and publisher of the book,

Eric credits much of his success to the application of ideas he learned from others. He synthesized information from numerous sources, then adapted and applied it in his own life. He helped build his companies using principles from books such as
THINK AND GROW RICH by Napoleon Hill, THE MAGIC OF BELIEVING, by Claude Bristol, WHAT TO SAY WHEN YOU TALK TO YOUR SELF, by Dr. Shad Helmstetter, and the ADVENTURES IN ATTITUDES course by Bob Conklin.

In 1995, Eric relocated from the Akron, Ohio, area to Houston, Texas. He returned to Akron in 2013.

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