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Created by Eric R. Voth
© Eric R. Voth. All rights reserved. WGAw #1145428

STONE ANGELS -- WINGS OF HOPE is a documentary exploring the phenomena of bronze angel memorial statues that are appearing across America. Placed by those who are healing following the loss of a child, the sometimes mystical coincidences surrounding their origins are revealed.

Length: 88 minutes (one-off) Category: Documentary

Synopsis: This show explores how Richard Paul Evans, an unknown author in the early 1990s, self-publishes “THE CHRISTMAS BOX,” a short fictional book. It’s a story of a woman who mourns the loss of her child at the base of an angel monument. Inspired by readers, Evans commissions the construction of a bronze angel statue and places it in a local cemetery. He donates a copy of the statue to Oklahoma City, following the disastrous bombing of the federal building. Many people who see it want one in their community.

By 2007, over sixty angel memorials were in place throughout the country. Another forty await dedication. For visitors, the statues stand as symbols of peace, solace and promise. Each angel represents a specific child, and consequently, a unique story.

STONE ANGELS -- WINGS OF HOPE recounts how bereavement counselor Lou-Ann Redmon establishes a place where parents can find support, education and understanding to help with the healing process. A client, Sara Ruble, devastated by the loss of her only son, describes her journey to honor his memory by arranging for the placement of the Christmas Box Angel of Hope Children's Memorial in Stow, Ohio.

When Roger and Marcy Bousum of San Antonio lost their youngest child in 2000, they wanted to create a place of solace to honor the spirit of their daughter. After receiving “
THE CHRISTMAS BOX” along with other books on grieving, they form the Angel of Hope Foundation and raise the necessary funds. In 2006, the San Antonio Angel of Hope became the 67th bronze angel erected nationwide.

At some angel sites, engraved memorial bricks are placed around the statues as loving tributes from parents, grandparents, and others. Coins left by visitors are often found upon these bricks.

Every year, each site holds a candlelight vigil in December. Families who have lost a child gather to pause and honor their children by placing a flower at the base of the angel statue.

The appeal of
STONE ANGELS -- WINGS OF HOPE is based simply on the viewers -- a demographic of women and parents -- their ability to empathize with grieving family members -- and their willingness to see how their peers and contemporaries have dealt with such extraordinarily difficult circumstances. These stories are told using documentary footage, live action performances, and narrative.

Intimate and tender, the stories contain a spiritual element that is shared with the audience in a way which reminds them that death is not the final sleep, but a new awakening.

Host: Richard Paul Evans is attached as host/narrator. His novels have each appeared on the New York Times bestseller list. There are more than fourteen million copies of his books in print worldwide. His works have been translated into more than eighteen languages and adapted into award-winning television movies.

Status: Currently in a limited production phase. Three hours of documentary “A-roll” and “B-roll” shooting has taken place and is available. Production will resume upon a firm commitment from a buyer.

Created by Eric R. Voth
© Eric R. Voth. All rights reserved. WGAw #1149541

Logline: Real taxi drivers -- on the job -- reveal interesting, humorous, and sometimes provocative stories of their experiences with passengers.

Length: One hour (one-off) Category: Unscripted

Synopsis: The origins of storytelling are ancient and have roots in many cultures and languages. The art of telling a humorous story by word of mouth was created in America, and has remained at home. Emotional involvement with a story is often the keynote to a successful presentation. All of this becomes quite evident as the audience is drawn into TAXI DRIVER TALES.

Some of the stories are humorous. Some are strange. Some are believable. Some are not. Which one are real? Which are fake? That’s left for the audience to decide! But they’re all told by real taxi drivers while navigating their vehicles during actual cab rides.

Status: Production will commence upon buyer commitment.
Created by Eric R. Voth
© Eric R. Voth. All rights reserved. WGAw #1121074

Logline: Expert guests explore perspectives, reveal strategies, and answer sometimes unasked questions about a variety of topics -- often ripped from the headlines -- that are of critical interest to a growing, trendsetting, generation of nearly 80 million Americans over age 50.

Season One: 13/22s (On-going, weekly series.) Category: Unscripted Talk

Synopsis: ENCORE ZONE uses an informal, conversational “over the kitchen table,” information-oriented format. Each week a variety of contemporary topics are explored related to the wants, needs and desires of the fast-growing cohort of people over age 50.

Each show contains up to three segments. The program is hosted. All guests are experts in their respective fields. During each segment, the host interviews a guest on a one-to-one basis on a studio sound stage. For unique or unusual situations, interviews take place in the field.

ENCORE ZONE delivers nuts-and-bolts how-to information from seasoned, savvy specialists. Potential topics include: Medical, healthcare, and Medicare issues; physical health, wellness, diet, exercise; family relationships, romance and dating; ethics, spirituality; mental health, mental development, learning; housing; retirement, finance, money, jobs, employment; start-up business ownership or divestiture; legal concerns, including estate planning; governmental issues; social, leisure, travel, recreation, hobbies -- including computers and the Internet -- and volunteering.

Viewers are openly encouraged to comment about the program to producers, and to submit their ideas for future shows.

Status: Production will commence upon buyer commitment. Product placement is encouraged.
Created by Eric R. Voth
© Eric R. Voth. All rights reserved. WGAw #1121074

Logline: Unique and unusual feats, interests and hobbies of a trendsetting generation of nearly 80 million citizens, over age 50, who rage against time and the traditional aging process. Interviews lead viewers to believe that “Some of these people are nuts. Lovable, enviable… but nuts!” 

Season One: 13/22s Category: Unscripted

Synopsis: OFF THEIR ROCKERS takes the audience into the lives of people over 50 who’ve forsaken the gold watch and the rocking chair for second and even third chances at grabbing their brass ring.

Many subjects shuck old ideas of what it means to be middle-aged or retired. Some become risk takers. Others feel more adventurous as they grow older. Some begin second careers or embark on new business ventures. Others pursue their hobbies with an invigorated passion unrivaled by past generations. Whatever the case, age has become a non-factor in their quality of life. People are living longer, harder, faster, and more enthusiastically than they ever did before.
OFF THEIR ROCKERS taps into this phenomena with entertaining and interesting stories.

Audience members are encouraged to comment about the program and to submit their ideas for future shows.

Status: Field production will commence upon buyer commitment.
Created by Eric R. Voth
© Eric R. Voth. All rights reserved. WGAw #1121074

Discover how a variety of foward-looking businesses are retooling their products, services and strategies to suit the fancies of a cash-rich, trendsetting, growing, generation of citizens.

Season One:
13/22s Category: Unscripted

Synopsis: THE NEW BONANZA explores how the graying of America is putting green in the coffers of many companies. It profiles businesses that are responding to the wants, needs and desires of the ever-growing cohort of those over 50. Beginning in January of 2006, Baby Boomers began galloping towards 60 at a rate of one every 19 seconds. According to the U.S. Census, 7,918 Boomers will turn 60 every day for the next 18 years.

Each episode contains two parts. The first segment begins with an interview of a company executive. Viewers then go to where the action is -- where they see a presentation of the manner in which a service is delivered, or a product demonstration.

The second segment is devoted to the profile of an entrepreneur who has taken an idea and adapted it to fill an identified need for those over 50.

Viewers are openly encouraged to comment about the program, and to submit their ideas for future shows.

Status: Field production will commence upon buyer commitment.
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